Courses at Berks Elite

Academy Courses

Berks Elite FC provides 1 or 2 hours a week of quality football coaching for children who are aged between 6-16 (U7-16). The training sessions are designed to provide a safe environment for children to learn new football skills and enhance the ones they already have. Berks Elite FC believe this is also a great way of increasing children’s confidence levels and physical activity levels.

Berks Elite FC have experienced FA qualified coaches capable of delivering top quality training sessions to children from beginners to elite level giving children the best possible opportunity to learn and improve their footballing ability.

Each age group will have an Academy team. We aim to allocate one qualified coach to every 5-12 children. We will select a team composed of the best players of that age group and those players will be offered a contract at Berks Elite FC giving them many benefits such as competing against other academies like Arsenal, Chelsea, Reading, Swindon and many more and receive bonus incentive packages (Further details on request).

All the players will be training 1-2 times a week depending on their age and will compete in highly competitive leagues/matches, tournaments and non competitive matches.

For further information on how to become part of an academy team please contact our Directors of Coaching.

Individual Training

Berks Elite FC offer a 1 to 1 specialised coaching service for any ability and age to improve their fitness, skill and understanding of the game. Making use of professional training equipment and facilities we can ensure that the ability of your child will be enhanced massively with us. We also offer diet plans made specifically for the player to enhance their progress made directly by our expert dieticians.

We offer 1 player to 1 coach (1 to 1) however, if you have more than one child who wish to train, we also offer 2 players to 1 coach (2 to 1) which works out cheaper and makes the session more competitive.

Please contact one of our Directors of Coaching who will be happy to assist you in organising 1 to 1 coaching sessions for your child.

Holiday Camps

We offer holiday camps throughout the year during the festive seasons such as Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. These holiday camps are composed of a full week of football where training sessions, fun games and matches are held. These holiday camps are perfect for parents who work or want their child to stay active during the festive season.

Keeper only training sessions

We offer keeper only training sessions. These training sessions are usually 5 keepers to 1 coach and are tailored to enhance drastically the keeper’s ability by doing intense sessions specifically designed for keepers.