Academy Courses

Berks Elite FC want to increase the number of girls involved in football. We believe that to increase the number of girls in football they must feel in a comfortable environment and this can be achieved by providing a platform where girls train all together. Currently, there are not enough clubs which provide academy style training sessions with the opportunity to play at an academy level. It can be seen that currently 90% of players and coaches are male and we want to change this. We want more girls to get involved in football and we will do all we can to achieve this.

From September 2018, we will be providing girls only training session and weekend teams which will be coached by mainly female coaches. These teams will compete in either the Junior Premier League or local leagues and get the opportunity to play against other girl only team such as Southampton Girls Academy or Reading Girls Academy.

We will provide 2 hours a week of quality football coaching for girls who are aged between 6-10 (U7-U10).

Berks Elite FC have experienced FA qualified coaches capable of delivering top quality training sessions to children from beginners to elite level giving children the best possible opportunity to learn and improve their footballing ability.

Each age group will have an Academy team. We aim to allocate one qualified coach to every 5-12 children.

All the players will be training 1-2 times a week depending on their age and will compete in highly competitive leagues/matches, tournaments and non-competitive matches.

For further information on how to become part of an academy team please contact our Directors of Coaching or sign up for one of our Open Days.