Sessions at Berks Elite

Individual Training Sessions

Berks Elite FC offer a 1 to 1 specialised coaching service for any ability and age to improve their fitness, skill and understanding of the game. Making use of professional training equipment and facilities we can ensure that the ability of your child will be enhanced in a only a matter of sessions. We also offer diet plans made specifically for the player to make sure their body can offer just as much as what they think they can. Made on an individual basis by our expert nutritionist, we can guarantee that every aspect of their game will improve. We also have an independent strength and conditioning coach that hold indoor fitness sessions for players of a particular age group.

We offer 1 player to 1 coach (1 to 1) however, if you have more than one child who wish to train, we also offer 2 players to 1 coach (2 to 1) which works out cheaper and makes the session more competitive.

Berks Elite F.C. offer training for every single aspect of the game, for more information please contact our Info Team:

Private Session Team
T: +44 (0) 333 577 3334