Academy Centre of Excellence

Training Only

Berks Elite FC offer an Academy Centre of Excellence for all players which wish to join the club on a training only basis or to develop themselves until they are ready to be part of a team.

Berks Elite FC provides quality football coaching for players of all ages. The training sessions are designed to provide a safe environment for children to learn new football skills and enhance the ones they already have. Berks Elite FC believe this is also a great way of increasing children’s confidence and physical activity levels.

With our scheduled training sessions, you are able to regularly monitor the sessions and see their progression for yourself. Many of the players joining us for this particular type of training have always informed us of the difference they see on the pitch. This program not only rapidly increased the rate of development for any player, it also teaches them the different social aspects of the game and how to adapt to playing with different individuals.

For more information regarding our training only program, please contact our Info Team:

Info Team