Sessions at Berks Elite

Training Only

At Berks Elite F.C., we aren’t only a club that is focused on winning trophies. We started this club to celebrate football. If your child is already part of a youth team and wants extra training, we are happy to facilitate. With many of our centres for excellence popping up throughout the southern counties of the UK, we have a vast network of training only player. Of course, playing for a Berks Elite F.C. team brings along many more benefits than your standard grassroot club (such as European tours and regular matches against the Chelsea F.C. Foundation), however; we never deny a player the opportunity to progress and reach their true potential.

With our scheduled training sessions, you are able to regularly monitor the sessions and see their progression for yourself. Many of the players joining us for this particular type of training have always informed us of the difference they see on the pitch. This program not only rapidly increased the rate of development for any player, it also teaches them the different social aspects of the game and how to adapt to playing with different individuals.

For more information regarding our training only program, please contact our Info Team:

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